8 Ways You Can Save Money and Still Rock Your Valentine’s Date!

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If you are on a tight budget, going out with your spouse isn’t really a good idea, because it’s expensive. But hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you really want to go out on a date. Well, if that’s the case, you have two choices: A) you can either spend a lot of money and feel buyer’s remorse, or B) you can go out on the cheap, have fun, and feel like a genius. I bet you would choose B. With that in mind, here are eight ways to save money on your Valentine’s date.

1. Swap ‘Em

If you have close friends who have kids, try to swap babysitting duties with them. You watch their kids one night and they can watch yours on the next. Yes, it means that one of you will have to go out on your date on the 13th or 15th, but I’d say it’s worth it to save $30 or more.


There are a lot of very fine restaurants that don’t serve alcohol, but encourage you to bring your own. I still remember a wonderful meal that we ate at a French restaurant in Lubbock, TX. of all places. At their encouragement, we brought our own bottle of wine. It was one of the best, most memorable meals I have ever had. We paid $8 for the bottle, which would probably have been over $40 had we ordered it from the menu at any other restaurant.

3. Stay Home and Make It Or Take It

If you have to eat a steak on Valentine’s, day, why not go to the grocery store and select a Prime Ribeye and grill it at home. You could literally save $100s on the meal, and you won’t suffer from post spending regret.

Take out is another way to have a great meal that you can eat at home without having to cook, and you will save a bundle on drinks and tip.

4. Go Mexican

Mexican food doesn’t always come across as romantic, but that can work to your favor. You might be able to sit down to a quiet meal while everyone is scrambling for the steakhouse. Besides, you can still have steak (fajitas) if you want. Another plus is you can eat lots of chips and then split an entree. Talk about cheap!

5. Share It

There are a lot of restaurants that give you very large portions. I bet you know which ones they are. You can share a meal and either have dessert or just save the cash.

6. Just Do Dessert

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, you gotta have something sweet, right? Why not just eat dinner at home with the kids and then go out for dessert. You can still take as much time at the restaurant and maybe even have a drink. Just make sure you have a safe plan for getting home.

7. Eat at an Order Over the Counter Restaurant

Yes, you have to order at a counter, your food might even come on a paper plate, and you might have to bus your own table, but the food is almost always less expensive and you will save on the tip. Besides, some of these places have outstanding food.

8. Skip The Meal Altogether

Who says you have to plan your date around food. Why not send the kids to grandma’s or a friends house and treat yourselves to a spa night. Yes, men like them too. Or what about a game night, or a movie and popcorn. Or a walk in the park, or a drive to the beach! Keep it simple and focus on each other.

What Ideas do you have for saving money on your special Valentine’s Day date? Please share. Whatever you choose to do with your best friend for Valentines Day, I hope you have fun!

Brian at Daddy Go To Timeout.


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