A New Christmas Tradition?

A New Christmas Tradition?

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Do you and your family have any Christmas traditions? We do! In fact, I have written an entire article about our nutty Christmas traditions. It’s only available to my subscribers. If you would like to read it you can sign up for my newsletter by clicking on the icon below and I will send you an email containing the newsletter and the article.

Tomorrow is Christmas and our tree looks like it was planted on the top shelf in an Amazon warehouse. Brown boxes are everywhere, under, next to and surrounding the tree. Dozens and dozens of them. We don’t wrap them, there are simply too many. The reason? We have six kids, each one of them getting presents from us, grandparents and other relatives.

Add to that huge pile, presents from each kid to every other kid and you add 30 more. We’d still be opening them on New Year’s day?

In years past, our kids had to buy $5 gifts for each other and the drudgery of schlepping through various toy aisles around town, really seemed to suck the Christmas spirit out of them. So this year we decided to try the Secret Santa model. Here’s how we did it:

  • Each kid drew a sibling’s name out of a hat. They would be buying them a gift of up to $10.
  • When everyone knew who they were buying a gift for, each person made a list of gift possibilities and gave it to More Love Mama.
  • One at a time, each child sat down with More Love Mama at her computer and went to Amazon Prime looking for a possible gift for their sibling.
  • The packages arrived this week. Each kid wrapped the present for their sibling.
  • Today on Christmas Eve, we had Secret Santa gift opening.


Surprisingly, my kids did a great job of selecting presents for each other. They all really wanted their brothers and sisters to like their gift, and everyone did. They actually took joy in selecting and purchasing gifts for each other.

Christmas spirit restored. and perhaps a new Christmas Tradition born.


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