Don’t Fear The Artichoke!

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I was dragging my lethargic, uninterested tribe through the produce section at HEB last Tuesday, looking for recipe inspiration to hit. I sometimes do that after sitting all morning with a pen in hand staring at a blank sheet of paper where the week’s menu should be. Something tells me you have done this before, too.

Of course, I was bemoaning the fact that I was looking for inspiration there, in the produce section, instead of the glorious meat mine of a butcher shop that you find at every HEB. It used to be much easier to get excited about specials on pork ribs and marinated fajita meat before Type II Diabetes came and took that pleasure away from me last September (but that’s another story altogether).

It’s not that I hate vegetables. I actually love them, but after years and years of creating recipes for chicken, ground beef and Italian sausage, I have had a really hard time coming up with plant based whole food recipes that are healthy, inexpensive, and tasty.

I Was About To Blow The Whole Thing Off

So, again, there I was, not so enthusiastically plodding along the back wall of the produce section, looking more for an excuse to hop in the car and picking up a Chik-fil-A salad than for an actual idea, when I saw them……….Artichokes! And they were on sale (which is the only time we can afford them).

You usually find less than 10 artichokes nestled in a one foot by one foot space, in between the bok choy and the fennel, two other mystery vegetables that nobody knows what to do with. As a result, most cashiers ask me what they are, and most people don’t even know that their favorite grocery store carries them.

Aside from their price, why are artichokes so rarely purchased?

Because We Are Afraid of Artichokes, Brian!

Most people have no clue what they are, much less know how to prepare them. Artichokes are intimidating. They look like something that might be fed to the pet dragons on Game of Thrones. Covered in scales, if you handle them carelessly, they may even bite you. At the very least, you probably need to be a second semester community college culinary student to prepare them correctly.

If you are curious and want to try artichokes for the first time, or if you love them but are intimidated by the idea of preparing them, don’t be afraid. I will show you that they are quite easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

I’m Not Exactly Rachel Ray, But You Get the Idea

I spent some time this morning looking for a good video showing you how to prepare and eat artichokes, but all the videos I found made the process seem needlessly intimidating. So, I just decided to make my own. Artichokes are super easy to prepare, and so yummy, you gotta give em a try! Be sure to watch all three.

Right now, artichokes are on sale at HEB. If you don’t live in Texas, you may still be able to find them.

Would you like a recipe for Artichoke and Mushroom Linguine with Pesto Sauce?

Ha! I knew you would!

I will be posting the recipe on my March 1st. edition of Timeout.  To subscribe, just click here and fill out two itty bitty fields. I promise to send you really cool recipes and useful information that you can’t live without. I also promise Not to fill up your inbox with junk, sell your identity to cousin Vladimir, or try to sell you frozen seafood from the back of my van!

Here’s to good eats!

Brian at Daddy Go To Timeout

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