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Let’s Say That…..

You have four or more children and most of your family and friends think you are crazy.  Maybe you home school your kids and worry that your lack of teaching skills will end up ruining their lives.   You may have adopted children who are from a different culture than yourself and you need information and support from someone like you who understands.  Perhaps you are a stay at home dad and need something to read during the kiddo’s nap time.  It could be that your family is outgrowing your budget.  Or, it might be you are thinking about adding to your family, through adoption or other ways, and just need a little insight as to how crazy you might be. If anything you just read describes you, you have come to the right place, because for that last six years, all of the above categories have described me.

Hi, I’m Brian.  Big family patriarch, home school teacher and adoptive parent.  Welcome to the blog that’s about….. us…… me and you.  Yep, I have learned a lot about adoption, trans-racial families, homeschooling and large families over the past six years.  I’m eager to share my experiences and lessons learned.  Here you will find encouragement, tips and tricks, and perhaps a few “been there, don’t do that” warnings.  I promise that I will do my best to provide you with reading that will be entertaining, interesting, educational and sometimes even funny.  Families like mine and yours are awesome, they are fun, always entertaining and yes, sometimes challenging.  So join me, and lets walk through this crazy thing called life together.

Living Big articles deal with the fun, strange and hilarious things that occur in a big awesome family.

Big families often stretch their finances to, and sometimes past, the breaking point. Articles in this section address issues and possible solutions for living big on a limited income.


Sometimes Big is HARD!  But it doesn’t have to be. Articles that appear in this category contain big family hacks for making life a little bit easier.


Homeschooling need not be a source anxiety for parents or students.  Educating your children at home is not rocket science and you do not need to be a professional educator in order to facilitate your child’s educational development.  Articles in this section will explore Worry Free Homeschooling techniques.


Whether it be camping, travelling, disc golfing or just playing at the park, the eight of us continue to have a blast being together. Join us for some FUN ideas!


When I’m not homeschooling, budgeting, or blogging, I’m spending time with my better half, Carrie–aka, More Love Mama.

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