Kleb Woods Hummingbird Festival

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As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, we like to take our homeschool on the road as often as possible. This is especially true when it comes to teaching our kids Science and History. Nothing is more effective then letting your kids think they are playing when they are actually learning. With that in mind, we took our kids to the Kleb Woods Hummingbird Festival this past weekend. They had a lot of fun and learned so much that I knew that I needed to share our experience with you.

Nature Preserve

Kleb Woods Nature Preserve opened in 1994. How it came to be is quite an interesting story. Rather than rewriting it I am providing a link to a short article about it’s history. I hope that you will take a minute to read it.

The nature center has a lot of hands on displays like this tree ring.
The kids had fun handling animal skulls and turtle shells,
There is a working blacksmith shed on the property.
Here, a blacksmith is making a leaf for a sculpture.
This is where they make the Thneeds!
There are several miles of beautiful trails, with giant old oak trees, plenty of birds, and even other species such as this bull frog. If you love nature, Kleb Woods has plenty of it to experience.

The Festival

Carrie and the kids trying to take pictures of the hummingbirds. They were way too small and fast!
This is a hummingbird being weighed, measured, and tagged before being released. It will hang around for a few days stocking up on nectar before a 24 hour trip across the Gulf of Mexico to winter in South America.
There were several fun and educational interactive stations for the kids to experience during our visit to the festival. Here, Grace is holding about 10 lbs. of sugar, which is the equivalent of what it would take for her to have enough energy to fly across the Gulf of Mexico.
The kids got to compare their wingspan to various bird species. Kat’s wingspan was not quite as long as that of a Blue Heron.
The kids went through similar metrics as the ones that the hummingbirds go through.
My kids got banded, but I don’t think they will stay on until next year’s festival.
There were also other bird presentations.

This was our second time visiting the festival. My kids had a blast, and apparently so do most people, since it seemed to me that there were about twice as many people visiting the festival as there were two years ago.

If you live in the greater Houston area, this festival is a must field trip for your homeschoolers. Even of you don’t homeschool, the festival is a great way to spend a mid September Saturday morning with your family.

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