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When I’m not homeschooling, budgeting, or blogging, I’m spending time with my better half, Carrie–aka, More Love Mama.  Carrie is owner of More Love Mama Global Textiles, a fabric shop specializing in unique textiles from around the world.  Carrie started the shop as fundraiser to help bring home our middle boys and it has grown into a very busy online business.  If you’d like to take a look around her shop you can just click the icon below:

In between cutting fabric and giving hugs and kisses to our six kiddos, Carrie is also a full time high school theatre director.  Yep, there just aren’t enough minutes in the day for all the hats she wears!  Carrie also used to be a pretty active blogger.  As you can imagine, there just isn’t a lot of time left for her to blog these days, but Carrie’s blog is still out there in the blogosphere and you can read some of the back stories about our adoption journey’s here at:

Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven


From time to time, Carrie will probably be dropping to do some guest blog posts.  And she will definitely be behind the scenes, checking my spelling, making sure I don’t break my website, and cheering me on!  She’s about the best wife a guy could ask for.


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