No Grace. There is No Santa Claus!

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It’s true. We told our kids that there is no Santa Claus, from the get go. Whoa, before you hate on me for being a Santa Hater, you need to know the facts. Read this article posted by my wife Carrie, AKA More Love Mama, posted in December of 2012, when Grace, our oldest, was five, and our youngest girls were only one.

No Grace. There is no Santa Claus!

I hope you read and enjoyed the article. If you didn’t, please go and read it. Carrie is a great writer and she makes a great argument as to why families like ours made the decision to put the kibosh on ole Santa.

I leave you with this. If you want to keep Santa alive and safe from my brood of Santatheists. Go ahead and tell your children that the Wood kids are crazy. After all, it’s not like you’d be lying……….well, except for the one you’ve been telling them for years about Santa.



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