Oh Christmas Tree: Let’s Try This Again!

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In my most recent article, I shared an oldie from More Love Mama’s blog, Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven. Here is the follow up blog post from December 20th, 2013.

Last year some of you might remember reading about our Christmas tree misadventures in the post The Sudden, Unexpected, and Very Early Demise of My Christmas Tree.  We had put up a beautiful faux white flocked tree and it remained up for just 48 hours before the minions tore it down.

This year we made it two weeks.  But once again, down it came.  Booooo!

We had high hopes that everyone was old enough this year to maintain a respectful Christmas tree distance from the corner where the tree sat.  For the first couple of days all was well, but by the 3rd day the tree had been stripped of all its ornaments.

Then the drumming began.

Manny obsessively drums on any and all surfaces of our house with any and all random objects he finds lying around.  He especially likes spatulas.  That boy drummed on the branches of our tree so much that he broke several of the pre-lit tree lights off. I was afraid someone was going to get electrocuted. He was also causing it to shed the hideous white faux pine needles and we were finding them all over the house.  And in our boys twists.  Uggggg!

So finally, the tree came down.  We had a naked tree corner for about a week. When I started wrapping Christmas presents, the idea of no tree to put them under was just too depressing.  So I bought this.

Yes, I realize it is a lame substitute for a Christmas tree, but it cost less than $20. More importantly, it has no electric parts. If they kill this Christmas tree it won’t hurt my feelings too much.  And the adorable Santa that one of my students gave me is awfully festive.

We’re going to try and hit the day after Christmas sales and get a nice new tree for next year.  Or maybe the year after that.


Fast Forward

You will be glad to know that our third try was a charm. We have had several uneventful Christmases in a row! Here is a photo of this year’s tree. So far only one ornament has lost it’s life!

It’s amazing how grown up they are now!

They are still as excited for Christmas as they were in 2013. How about yours? Are they driving you crazy yet?

If you have a crazy or funny Christmas story to share, I’d love to hear it.


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