Oh Christmas Tree

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I love the six weeks between the beginning of Thanksgiving break and the end of Christmas vacation. More Love Mama is home for three of those six weeks. The air has just enough of a chill, and our house is decorated both inside and out, with Christmas cheer. I’m a Christmas light junkie, and I love to walk or drive around the neighborhood looking at them.

Before kids, we never decorated our house. As soon a Christmas break began, we’d jet off to Wyoming, New Mexico or California for two weeks, to visit relatives. Thus, no reason to decorate.

When our oldest two were babies, we began decorating the outside of the house. The first year I bought a couple of strings of lights and wrapped them around the trunks of our two pine trees in our yard, candy cane style. Pretty lame compared to most of the houses around us, but hey, we were finally participants. Each year we add more lights or a projector to the arsenal. Now, we have a decent Christmas display, well at least one that the neighbors won’t laugh at.

In 2012 (or so) we added a Christmas tree to our Christmas decorating routine. Here is a recount of how that went, from More Love Mama’s blog Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven.

I hope you enjoy the story. It still makes me laugh out loud!


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