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Are you a mom of 3 or 4 or even more kids? Has your family grown faster than your income, or your car, or your house? Are you thinking about homeschooling your kids or becoming a work at home mom? The purpose of this blog is to provide moms (and even a few dads) with tips and tricks for raising a large family:  budgeting ideas, recipes, big family hacks and homeschooling wisdom. Daddy Go To Timeout will help you conquer the chaos, stomp out the stress, and give you some great ideas for making your life easier and loving your kids better!

What you have just read is called an “elevator pitch”.  Elite Blog Academy, the blogging course that I’m taking, requires that we students write one of these for our blog in order to help us stay focused on it’s purpose.  It’s also my response when someone asks me what I blog about.  You might think of it as Daddy Go To Timeout’s purpose statement. In short, I write this blog because I have learned a lot the past the past ten years and I have a genuine desire to pass it on.  If you want the longer version of why I write this blog,  read here.

But Why Write A “Mom” Blog?

First of all, it’s not a “mom” blog, it’s a parenting blog that is read mostly by moms. As a stay at home dad, I am super aware that most other stay at home parents are mothers. After all, Only 16% of stay at home parents are the father. Why do I write a mom blog and not something more “masculine”?  The answer is parenting, large families, budget concerns and homeschooling are what I’m interested in and excited about. I write about what interests and challenges me.  I write because when I learn something, I want to pass it on.  Parenting and raising a large family is an art and when I think I might have mastered something I can’t help but want to share what I’ve learned.

I certainly don’t get everything right and if someone can learn something from my mistakes, I’ll pass that on as well.  All in all, I’ve been doing this large family thing for about seven years, and though I’m not an expert I think my experiences have enough value to pass them along. To sum it up, I write about what interests me, and it just so happens that most of my readers happen to be women.

  So What Makes Me Think Moms Will Read My Blog?

Well, in short, we have a lot more in common than not.  Just like most women who stay at home with their kids, I cook and clean.  I do laundry, and grocery shop.  I take my kids to play dates where all of the other parents are women.  We talk about our kids, their most recent injuries, and home school activities.  We talk about, food and nutrition, and which grocery store has got what on sale.

Just like most stay at home moms I yell at speak calmly to my kids through gritted teeth as I tell them for the bazillionth time to brush their teeth and put on their shoes. I like to read to my kids, cuddle them and comfort them when they scrape their knees and I like to see them smile when I have cooked their favorite meal.

I may have a Y Chromosome and a beard, but otherwise I’m very much like all you other moms out there. Whether you are a mother or a father, I’m like you because I’m a parent who loves taking care of my kids.

I’m really curious about what you think of a dad writing a mom blog, so let me hear from you. If you happen to know any other stay at home dads (or moms), I’d love to hear from them, too, so be sure to let them know I’m here…..doing laundry, cooking dinner, arranging more play dates. So drop me a line!



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